Misc thru-hole components

Consigned Inventory Management
Customer Supplied

Some of our customer choose to provide all the material for their builds and Newonics is happy to work with them in doing so. Many customers choose to bring their kits in when they are ready to have an assembly built, you can choose to have the kit audited for a count or just returned to you. Others choose to have their inventory stored and have Newonics manage their inventory for an additional fee. We have a barcoding system in which we catalog all your inventory into which enables us to pull spreadsheets and keep you updated on your inventory status upon request.

When providing consigned inventory, we request that our customers take the following into consideration.

  • SMT (Surface Mount) components- These should either be provided on tape and reel or a strip of cut tape (please note, if these are not provided in one of these forms our equipment cannot place these and will require a cost increase). Please allow a 6% attrition rate when providing these parts. If you are providing these components on a cut tape, please allow 12 inches of leader before the actual component count is determined.
  • Integrated Circuits (IC’s)- We preferred these to be provided in their original packaging or if the tubes or trays are loaded by the customer, ensure that pin1 is consistently in the same direction so that quality is not compromised and we can provide quickest turn of your assembly.
  • Moisture Sensitive Parts- Should be in sealed bags to prevent potential quality issues.
  • Sockets or Connectors- If possible should be provided in original packaging to prevent bent or damaged leads.

*Please ensure quality parts are purchased. Parts from a broker or second source are not guaranteed to work and may cause issues with the assembly functioning as it should.

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